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Dates, Cost and Venue

Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training

Healing comes about when our disease is brought into proper relationship with our health. This a process of bringing fragmented parts of ourselves back into relationship with the whole and with the healing forces carried in the rhythms of primary respiratory motion.

We are happy to offer an accredited Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training in London due to start in Spring 2025. The training consists of 4-5 day seminars at approximately two-monthly intervals, providing 48 days of classroom attendance. Those who are unable to attend in person can participate in the seminars online during the first year and join the class in person from the 5th seminar. All participants will take part in the practice sessions, and receive full support and feedback.

Provisional dates:

Seminar One: April 9-13 (5 days)
Seminar Two: June 5-8 (4 days)
Seminar Three: September 4-7 (4 days)
Seminar Four: November 6-9 (4 days)
Seminar Five: January 7-11 (5 days)
Seminar Six: March 4-8 (5 days)
Seminar Seven: May 14-17 (4 days)
Seminar Eight: July 9-12 (4 days)
Seminar Nine: September 24-27 (4 days)
Seminar Ten: December 10-13 (4 days)

Seminar Eleven: February 17-21 (5 days)


£7300, which is payable in flexible installments. This includes all teaching, class notes, home study feedback, comprehensive student support and assessment processes. A discount of £200 is available for those who pay in full in advance. A deposit of £500 is payable upon acceptance onto the training.

Please note that each 1/2 day of supervised practice at the Teaching Clinic costs £55. The required hours of attendance at the Teaching Clinic varies according to previous practitioner experience and is discussed at interview.

Tutors include:

Michael Kern B.C.S.T., D.O., N.D., A.B.D., Nicolaj Jespersen B.C.S.T., A.B.D, Satu Palokangas B.C.S.T., C.M.T., ISMETA and team.

Click here for dates of our trainings that have already started.

Venue, travel and accommodation:

The seminars are held at the Trust’s own light and spacious venue at:

Skylight Centre,
49 Corsica Street,
London N5 1JT

Nearest station: Highbury and Islington (Victoria line and mainline).

Click here for a map showing the location of the Skylight Centre.


We make every effort to provide up to date information of travel facilities, listings of local hotels and bed & breakfasts near the training site. Please contact the administrator for further details.

Applications and further information:

To make an application for the training, please click here to go to our Applications page, from where you can access an online application form.

Please contact our administrator if you would like any further information or an application form to be sent to you by post or email:

Tel: 020-7101 3915

Feedback from graduates in July 2023:

“I am very glad I chose this training for a multitude of reasons. The tutors and teaching staff were excellent, very supportive and always there for me. Michael Kern was personally very encouraging and sorted a whole host of problems out for me. The course notes are not an afterthought but well put together and worth referring back to. The course is structured beautifully. The student clinic is invaluable frontline experience. A game changer. Beautiful place to train.” – S.S.W.

“My experience with CTET was/is more than 5 stars!! The whole team is super supportive, the communication is easy and quick. The learning material with the practical sessions was built up super skilfully during my 2 years course. Thank you CTET.” – V.M.

“I just finished my training with CTET. I found the tutor team very skilled and inspiring. They really cared about my learning journey. The content of the course is very well structured, and clear. There is a lot of practice during the seminars, that makes it easier to understand the theory and improve your skills as a practitioner from the first day.
I highly recommend this training!” 
– E.T.

“If you’re looking to train in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, from my experience as a recent CTET graduate, there’s really no need to look any further. The two-year training is a solid, rigorous and professional learning process, led and supported by a stellar team of tutors in the beautiful Skylight Centre in Islington. CTET has run these courses for decades, including offering advanced trainings and conferences with world-renowned practitioners, plus running a low-cost clinic where second year students get to hone their practical skills. All this provides substance and continuity for the work, offering the graduating student the skills and the confidence to enter into practice of this wonderful modality. I can highly recommend them.” – S.P.

“This Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner training is a thorough and deep dive into a vast body of work. As an experienced Osteopath I was apprehensive in the beginning but have found the depth of the knowledge and level of tutor support to be excellent. It has been transformative to my practice as an Osteopath and in expanding my approach as a Biodynamic practitioner. Huge thanks to an excellent team.” – C.H.

“The content was substantial.  Covered a lot of ground, and well structured. The tutor team was excellent. Each tutor brought with them different expertise, and approach, and all very knowledgeable about the work. Always felt reassured and supported by the tutors. The teaching clinic has been a precious experience. I learnt what it was like to meet and receive clients in real life situations, and how to react and resource myself and the client in different scenarios. I found the clinic extremely helpful in the application of what I learnt. The training has provided a solid foundation for me and I feel confident that I am able to use what I have learnt into practice.” – P. L.

“Excellent content in all aspects. The course covers all areas in-depth and with interesting and varied approaches. I enjoyed the variety of perspectives that different tutors brought. Excellent visuals throughout. Excellent presentation, the structure of the course is well thought out, which makes learning an extensive amount of knowledge somehow seem so simple that it’s almost obvious. No mean feat. The tutor team was truly wonderful, I always felt supported in my learning. I have also learnt SO much at the teaching clinic!” – L.G.

Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy with CTET has been an outstanding experience with outstanding quality teaching from professional tutors. It is a very well-rounded course, involving a great deal of practical sessions and rich theory material. The communication, help and support from the team was exemplary. A highly recommended course! – M.S.

I am a happy graduate from CTET school. What a two-year journey it has been; deep, meaningful, transformational, nourishing on many levels. Michael and the tutors held the space beautifully for all of us to feel safe to explore what for many was new territory. The wealth of knowledge offered by Michael and Nicolaj was exceptional, as well as the experience we gained at the school’s clinic which was truly invaluable. The bonding amongst students was very beautiful, I feel I have gained friends for life. I can highly recommend CTET to anyone who is seriously thinking about training as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist. The tutors are ever so helpful and encouraging, and the material so fascinating to immerse oneself in that the learning process becomes a commitment that proves to be very rewarding. My life has been positively transformed after this course. – G. S-L.

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