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Low-Cost Craniosacral Therapy Clinic

With experienced practitioners and final year students under supervision

Every Monday from 9.00am – 6.10pm
at the Healthy Living Centre
282 St Paul’s Road, Islington, London N1 2LH

Treatment fee: £30

We also offer a discount if you book and pay for five treatment sessions in advance: £120

To book an appointment, please preferably send an email to:

Or, call 020-7704 6900 (please leave a message if needed as this phone is not staffed each day).

During a treatment session, you will lie fully clothed on a treatment table and experience the light touch of the therapist’s hands. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation and possibly become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations. Treatments last for 50 minutes and are given by final year students and experienced practitioners working together. A case history is taken during the first consultation and sessions may include a sensitive discussion about your condition and treatment approach.

Please note that if you need to cancel or postpone an appointment we need a minimum of 24 hours notice or the fee remains due.

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I have been coming to the craniosacral clinic for nine months now. I have been surprised how powerful the intervention has been, even though it feels like just a light touch by two practitioners. It has uncovered deep seated dental trauma amongst other things and has been profoundly healing. I have recommended the clinic to two people and they too have found it very therapeutic. The clinic is great value for money and the tutors are very experienced and the students also provide healing treatments. I would thoroughly recommend trying craniosacral therapy at the clinic.

I've received craniosacral therapy treatment at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust for almost three years now and I cannot recommend it enough. I have noticed that I've become more aware of me as an embodied being that with the support of experienced Craniosacral Therapists can regulate my nervous system, providing a sense of safety and spaciousness in mind. After almost each session I feel resourced and ready to progress in my everyday activities in a more grounded and conscious manner.

Each craniosacral experience is completely unique. I benefit so deeply and diversely in the very safe hands of the teaching staff and students that it’s hard to quantify. At the beginning of my healing journey I used to think I would know what my body would choose to work on, now I just get out of my body's way and trust whatever my body works on is exactly right. Every session leaves me grounded and with a deeper understanding into who I am, what I have accomplished and what would be right for my future happiness and support. From PTSD, anxiety, depression, bereavement and physical injury I have been supported in ways that I couldn’t imagine or believe possible. I can honestly say that I’m not sure I would have made it without my sessions at the craniosacral clinic.

I wish to express how useful I've found Craniosacral Therapy over the years. My diagnosis was single event and complex trauma, and Craniosacral Therapy helped me to manage the hyper-arousal and physiological side effects, so that I could abandon lorazepam and other pain killers. I have also recommended attendance at the Clinic to others for the incomprehensible calm that it can bring.

I have had a number of craniosacral treatments at the low-cost clinic and find it wonderful. I am much more relaxed than before and am now able to deal with stressful situations with ease. I had bad headaches which I found really hard to deal with and I continuously took pain killers for this. After the craniosacral therapy I no longer suffer from these headaches. I also had back pain which irritated me if I had to stand for long periods of time and this has now gone. I find the treatment of such benefit that I have continued with it on an intermittent basis and I still find within myself there is further healing taking place. It is like no other treatment, the effects are amazing.

The CTET low-cost clinic is an amazing and impressive experience. The standard of student practitioner skills and the support they receive from their supervisors are consistantly good. I was initially anxious about not having the same person for each session but found that I received a valuable treatment each time and I had the scope of being given different perspectives, which I found really helpful. I think the low-cost clinic provides an amazing opportunity for clients. My experience of it has influenced me to start training in Craniosacral Therapy myself. I highly recommend it.

From my experience of receiving treatments at the low-cost clinic, I would definitely encourage someone to receive one or more themselves - and in fact I often do recommend this to people I know. It is simplicity itself - after an initial discussion you simply lie on the couch and receive a gentle, non-invasive treatment. My experience is that it works on many levels, combining as it does with the body's innate intelligence itself. Having worked in complementary medicine myself for many years I have experienced several different approaches to wellbeing and this is certainly one that I would endorse.

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