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"A doctor who prescribes an identical treatment in two individuals and expects an identical development, may be properly classified as a social menace."
- Lin Yutang

Admissions Criteria:


The Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training provides learning pathways for qualified practitioners in orthodox or complementary fields of medicine and for those who wish to become therapists as a career change.

Past graduates have included:- Acupuncturists, Alexander Teachers, Chiropractors, Dentists, Homeopaths, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Polarity Therapists, Psychotherapists, Reflexologists and others.

Applicants with little or no previous experience are eligible, provided an Anatomy and Physiology training is undertaken prior to or concurrently with the Practitioner Training.

Admission requirements include:
  • A sound training in and knowledge of anatomy and physiology that involves a minimum of 80 classroom hours (or equivalent) covering all the major body systems. This is required to register as a qualified Craniosacral Therapist by the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Extra tuition will be needed if your anatomy and physiology do not meet this standard. Please note that the Trust provides a suitable foundation course in 'Living Anatomy', which may be taken at the same time or prior to the practitioner training. It is possible to start the practitioner training in October and the Living Anatomy course the following January.
  • All students are asked to gain clinical experience under supervision at the Trust's Teaching Clinic during the final year of training. The required hours of attendance at the Clinic varies according to previous practitioner experience, and this is discussed during the application interview.

Highly Recommended:

  • Understanding of pathology and symptomology. Extra tuition may be required of you if you have no experience in this area.
  • Personal experience of Craniosacral Therapy.
  • Experience in a body-orientated therapy form and other holistic forms of treatment.

Application Procedure

Prospective applicants are asked to complete the Trust's application form which is available from the Administrator, or you can use the online form that is accessed at the foot of this page. A £25 administration fee is required with the completed application. All aspects of the application and admission process are confidential.

All applications are individually considered by the training staff. Candidates are notified of the results as soon as possible. A face-to-face interview may be required if distance permits - otherwise a telephone or Skype interview can be arranged.

All applicants receive equal consideration regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and disability. Our training venues have partial disabled access, and the needs of students are assessed on an individual basis during an interview.


We emphasize that a clear commitment to the training is important. We have found it more effective for the learning process to have the continuity of a training group from start to finish, rather than people moving in and out of the class as in a modular-based training. If you apply and are accepted you may be occupying a space that others want, yet we would be unable to accommodate them. Please give this aspect of the application your consideration.

Application Form for Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training:

Please click here to go to the online Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training Application Form, or contact our administrator if you would like to be sent an application form by email or post.

If you have any queries about the application process please contact us:

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